When conversing with Access clients, we frequently find out about the key part that Access reports play for leaders hoping to draw effective bits of knowledge out of their business’ information. The want for Access to give a fresher, more present day information perceptions – and additionally a streamlined procedure for making those representations – has been noticeable in these discussions and also in different channels, for example, User Voice.

Today, the Access group is eager to uncover our reaction to these worries: another arrangement of cleaner, more expressive Access graphs that give more approaches to imagine your information and present it in another and current way.

Make proper acquaintance with the better than ever Column, Line, Bar, Pie, and Combo graphs! Every one of these outline writes can without much of a stretch be added to a frame or answer to picture your information and enable you to settle on more educated choices.


Segment Chart


Line Chart


Bar Chart


Pie Chart


Combo Chart

Each diagram can be altered to fit your particular needs utilizing the new and instinctive Chart Settings sheet and the recognizable Property Sheet. Utilize these highlights to change the style and design of the diagram, include outline components like legends and information names, and tweak the text styles and hues.

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